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OMC - How Bizarre

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Often overlooked as unmemorable and slight, OMC's «How Bizarre» is a cleverly crafted foil to standard ringtones. Looped with a slight Spanish flavor, the song's polka-infused guitar riff serves to subtly beckon the listener back in time using an aged, yet invigorating sound. Lyrically, the track flaunts a playful approach to storytelling with its strange blend of far-fetched ideas. There is a welling of comedic undertones amid the array of disjointed rhymes, making it a fun and unexpected selection for a ringtone. Furthermore, to ensure its presence is felt, the chorus is replete with a cheery mass of vocal accompaniment - an ebullient finishing touch to an endearingly bizarre song. Thus, OMC's «How Bizarre» is both original and delightfully peculiar, making it an ideal ringtone for those seeking a modicum of nostalgia in their auditory arsenal.

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