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Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London

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The beloved and genre-defying classic rock song «Werewolves of London» by Warren Zevon is an idiosyncratic auditory delight that is certain to titillate any listener. Representing a piquant melange of musical genres, the song is a jaunty yet zany romp that is guaranteed to provoke a genial chuckle in any milieu. The phantasmagorical track features a number of peculiar instruments, including a mandolin, bongos and congas, creating a beguiling sonic landscape.

Perfect for any situation needing an arcane touch, «Werewolves of London» is an exquisitely perplexing amalgam of paranoia, gallows humor and homeric absurdity. As the titular lycanthropes assuage their ravenous appetites for London, listeners will enjoy a slightly off-kilter farce that can be enjoyed with a pinch of salaciousness. Far from serious, the bizarre subject matter is perhaps more likely to summon guffaws than terror.

The ringtone for this transcendental trifle radiates with a bucolic charm and quixotic hilarity that is both sublime and solipsistic. It is certain to provide a diverting timbre to any situation with its compelling tongue-in-cheek bravado and crisp, effervescent delivery. Mimetic in its dalliance with the juxtaposition of pathos and mirth, this music is a visual treat, both aurally and in thought.

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