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Blondie - Atomic

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»The Blondie classic 'Atomic' produces a truly unique sonic signature. Its jubilant tones, punctuated by the soaring vocals of Debbie Harry, evoke a sense of joie de vivre, making it a perfect choice as a ringtone. Instrumentally, the track melds together with an anfractuous layering of music, which combined with its uplifting lyrics and effervescent tempo, creates an atomisation of synthesizers, guitars and drums.

The singularity of 'Atomic' is thoroughly captivating; the sprightly and seemingly haphazard arrangement of musical elements creates a panoply of colourful sounds that draw the listener in. Each sonic facet of the track creates its very own quiddity, with the lead synthesizer casting an angular shadow on the infectious melody.

Finalizing the experience is Debbie Harry's ineffable voice. While immutably entwining itself through the labyrinthine instrumental layers, it conveys a contagious sense of euphoria that bolsters the track to gusts of audacious heights. When the chorus is reached, swoonful vocals and the irrepressible rhythm coalesce to produce a bombastic and jocular effect, certainly adding a resplendent touch of eccentricity to any mobile device it is used on.«

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