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Marty Robbins - El Paso

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The illustrious «El Paso» by Marty Robbins has been a beloved country music staple for several generations. The Ringtone, produced in a DAW by Robbins himself, is a unique amalgamation of twangy guitar riffs beaten against a backdrop of mellifluous percussion.

Drifting along a ruminative mandolin solo, the harmony ramps up with a sanguic verse from Robbins, purling a fabled love story between a bedouin and a Mexican woman. Marty's soothing, opulent vocal rung as joyously as it did when the song was released in 1959, an invitation to nostalgics to croon along with him.

The Ringtone, with its crosscut western rhythms, conjures up an olfactory atmosphere that could stir the most stoic soul. Now, when you get a call, the irresistibility of the cascading mariachi horns will be sure to make you stand tall and take notice.

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