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Garth brooks - The Dance

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This cheery and enriching ringtone comes from renowned American country singer, Garth Brooks and his song «The Dance». Compelling in its emotive reflection, the tone evokes an atmosphere of joy and serenity.

Meandering through orchestral harmonies, Woodwinds and light brass each seem to reflect a feel of spiritual tribulation. The lyrics coupled with this evocative arrangement creates a mesmerizing ambience, enkindling the listener's affinity for life and love.

A staple of popular culture, «The Dance» can be observed in the avid music enthusiast and everyday person alike; the song's solemn magic invoking a melancholic sense of longing set to a beguiling tune. It is alluring, captivating and ultimately dynamic. An ideal choice for a ringtone, this seminal track never fails to excite and uplift.

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