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Green Day - Basket Case

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Green Day's classic Basket Case is a primary staple in the annals of punk rock, providing a carefree and whimsically frenetic energy to any environment. Its titular phrase is emblematic of the intense and multi-layered musicality of the song, providing an unexpected yet catchy contrast. The blithe, buzzing opening riff is surely overfamiliar by now, but no less infectious in its playfulness. Basket Case seesaws crisply between a hectic, insistent verse and a more airy chorus, prancing around atop chirping guitars daintily lacing one another. The drumming propels the track ever onward with a dynamic verve, somewhere between pugnacious and prancing. For those inclined towards jubilance tempered with a smidgeon of tetchiness, Basket Case is an incomparable choice.

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