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The Allman Brothers - Melissa

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Melissa, by The Allman Brothers, is an utterly unique and captivating ringtone. It has a certain je ne sais quoi, with its psychedelic guitar riffs and meandering bassline. Every time one listens to this iconic number, it becomes an infectious journey through the minds of the Brothers themselves.

The enthralling harmonies of this folk-rock masterpiece allude to a special yearning for, or in the case of the Brothers, for their lost sister; the one for which this song is named after, Melissa. Her name also happens to serve as the titular element of this composition—a timeless reminder of a life that was cut too short.

Melissa is a wondrous piece of sonic beauty, capable of evoking emotional bliss and profound sorrow, all within the same experience. When this melodic tune plays, the listener is immediately transported to a magical place, a mystical land that only The Allman Brothers can reach. If you haven't yet heard it, you are missing out. Don't wait another day to set Melissa as your ringtone; embrace the sheer agility of it's alluring tones and immerse yourself in the curiousness of the guitar solos.

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