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After 7 - Ready or Not

Ringtone After 7 - Ready or Not for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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After 7 - Ready or Not, the signature song of musical duo After 7, is a frenetically upbeat electro-R&B tune, the perfect ringtone to portend the imminent arrival of important calls. Its rhapsodic synth and sylphlike rhythms punctuate the vibrant guitar chords and jaunty drumbeat that create a frenetic yet harmonious aural aurora. Its lively hooks, melismatic vocal cascades, and delicately elated lyrics about finding companionship will ensure an invigoration of the senses. Ready or Not is the ideal ringtone to transmogrify a mundane, prosaic day into an exuberant and opulent escapade – an absolute jactitation of joy.

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