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Supertramp - Its Raining Again

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Ah, the cue of beauty that is the alarm of Supertramp's 'Its Raining Again' prompting its listener to jump up and go into a state of preparedness. As a professor, it has provided a plentitude of memories, moments and pleasure, every day that passes, culminates in a delightful experience.

The percussive beat of the drums to the aural play on the piano and its synth-sharing ethereal entanglements has created a soundscape of ruminative peace. It has served as a telling reminder that one should not be in a hurry and take time to delight the beauty of life.

The melancholic sensation that cascades through it provokes the eliciting of nostalgia like no other. Accompanied with the dreamy flutes, its presentation of urban rhythm offers a vividness scene so life-like, it will have you blissfully storing in the moments. 'Its Raining Again' is that perfect alarm tone for anyone looking to wake up feeling joyous and ready to embrace the day.

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