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John Denver - Leaving On a Jet Plane

Ringtone John Denver - Leaving On a Jet Plane for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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John Denver's iconic classic «Leaving on a Jet Plane» is a timeless tribute to wanderlust. The dreamy melody and minimal production put the listener in a pensive state of mind, as if you're suspended in midair, ready to take off into the proverbial horizon.

For those looking for a classic, unique ringtone, this is an ideal selection. The subtle banjo strums and soft, melancholic vocals embody the nexus between nostalgia and anticipation. It elevates the ringing of your phone to a luxurious, experiential excursion.

Wrapped in this combination of soothing palliatives and dreamy nostalgia, «Leaving On a Jet Plane» provides peace, assurance and a reminder of imminent departure all at the same time. Select this selection and let the feelings of euphoria be the launch point each time your phone rings.

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