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Rick Ross - Push It

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The robust, bassy notes of this rap classic continually surprise listeners on the go. Ingressing and outgressing with a unique cadence and rhyme, Rick Ross has masterfully crafted a rap masterpiece. From the timely beats to the off-beat rhythms, this beat encompasses all that is appreciated by the modern music lover.

The intriguing composition of «Push It» is immediately recognizable in any context, both club and casual. Contemporaneous with even the most avant-garde tunes out there, Rick Ross' track oozes distinction and quirkiness throughout. Its invigoration of a contemporary classicist sound honors this venerated genre, thrilling even the most persnickety of ears.

This rare and exceptional ringtone speaks to the unique and daring spirit of those who embrace its fervor. The smooth beats of this track will undoubtedly electrify and invigorate those who listen. It signals the arrival of a self-assured and confident individual, radiating swagger and style—never settling for the mundane.

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