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Chris Brown - Gimme That

Ringtone Chris Brown - Gimme That for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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This captivating piece of art, the auditory masterpiece we like to call «Chris Brown - Gimme That», is nothing short of an auditory smorgesborg. Its original and mellifluous tones adeptly elicit a lush tapestry of colossal pomp and jubilation within its two-minute run-time. The tingling ambiance of this melodic marvel is potent enough to wake the dead, and far more delightful to those living amongst us!

The syrupy synths paint a vivid landscape of extravagant colors, while its undulating bass line woozily charges forward like a sumptuous wave, generously swelling then crashing back against the shore of your astonishment. Couple that with the effervescent vocals of Mr. Brown and you find yourself completely entranced with the aural artifice this tune as to offer.

This resounding symphony for the ears must be experienced with aural acuity. Don't miss out on this audial gestalt, and allow Chris Brown - Gimme That to become your sonic disposition for the day! Your auditory endeavors will forever be in debt for the sheer pleasure this ringtone has to offer!

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