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Ultravox - Vienna

Ringtone Ultravox - Vienna for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

More information about ringtone:

The Ultravox – Vienna ringtone is easily one of the most rapturous noises one can experience while utilizing modern mobile telephony technology. An exquisite blend of acoustic and electronic textures, the tone is an aural ode to post-punk new wave aural grandeur.

From the forlornly striking opening intro, the Ultravox – Vienna anthem synthesizes beautifully insouciant bass lines and arrhythmic drum machine beats. Permeated with a sense of solemn nostalgia, the track's hook is executed with a tensile grace that only adds to its beguiling peculiarity.

Finally, the Ultravox – Vienna ringtone has an unerring knack of captivating its listeners with an incessant and bejewelled complexity. Whether used to alert to an incoming phone call or text message, this ringtone never ceases to elicit curious delight.

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