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Billy Joel - Vienna

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This classic, yet spirited tune by Billy Joel easily captures the essence of charm and innovation, transporting the listener to the quiet days of a simpler life. Often described as one of Joel's most iconic new-age pieces, Vienna combines a gentle combination of arpeggios, smooth saxophone melodies, and the harmonic nature of a masterful pianist.

The captivating essence of this very song is what distinguishes it from others, and the strong beat in its cadence produces an evocative atmosphere to accompany its notable chordal structure. Its characteristically warm demeanour is equally matched by its melodic and uniquely poignant momentum which captivates its audiences.

From its standout opening bass line to its piano-driven outro, this classic ditty from the late 70s is sure to leave an lasting impression on any device. An added perk to having this Billy Joel gem as your ringtone is the pleasant nostalgia it may or may not bring. Enjoy!

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