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Cigarettes After Sex - Apocalypse

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This candlelit, genre-bending ringtone has the power to transport its listener to the depths of post-apocalyptic space and time. Drawing in elements of lo-fi, dream-pop, ambient, and trip-hop, «Apocalypse» pauses the action of everyday life and immerses its users in a nostalgic, yet futuristic, melancholia. For those seeking a transcendental haven from the everyday stress of modern living, this is the perfect aural soundtrack for any moment of peace and reflection.

Accompanied by an ethereal guitar strum and lead singer Greg Gonzalez's haunting vocal delivery, the ambiance of this hidden gem is more than just a mellow escape from reality. While its sentimental lyrics remove us from the hardships of today's world, its soulful instrumentation and affinity for the desolate evoke an enigmatic aura of ambiance and despair. With each listen, there is a feeling that something otherworldly is unfolding as its captivating emotion provides solace.

Blending themes of solitude, calmness, and monstrosity, «Apocalypse» embodies its namesake with a spirit of resplendence. Gonzalez's velvety, reverberating chant is both haunting and addictive, providing an unforgettable accompaniment of stoic beauty and chill-inducing chill. Disrobed of frills and over-production, this post-apocalyptic aurora of seclusion and shreds of hope is an ear-pleasing ode to the unknown.

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