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Shinedown - GET UP

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The pop-rock anthem 'Shinedown–Get Up' is truly a caparison of aural pleasure. It possesses all the auditory delight of an astute marmoset scouring the far corners of musical beauty.

The exultant melody swells through the vesper like a tropical breeze, its invigorating undertones providing a euphonious pick-me-up to any generally languid soul. However, it is the lyrics, snappy and dauntless, that truly intervene, eliciting a jollity of optimism to inspire any passerby.

The salient chorus, with its simplistic percussive elements, then drives the piece towards its vibrant climax with a fervour that powerfully resonates long after the track fades. It is the perfect ringtone to evoke sunshine from even the darkest of clouds.

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