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Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al

Ringtone Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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Paul Simon's legendary hit «You Can Call Me Al» is a uniquely sonorous ringtone. It is infused with an acerbic flute, unabashed marimbas, and percussive pizzicato strings. All these elements combine to create an uncontainably jovial air which brings vitality to any device.

This effulgent ringtone fabulously captures its namesake forte. The whimsical lyrics accompaning Simon's typical soothing tenor line reverberate with levity and caustic symbolism. This creates an aural parody that is far-reaching in its scope and transcendently infectious.

Summarily, «You Can Call Me Al» is not your typical run-of-the-mill ringtone. It crisply adorns any device with a scintillating soundscape of enthrallment and merriment. Paul Simon has indeed crafted a masterpiece that any listener – phone or otherwise – can readily revel in.

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