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Ruslana - Wild Dances

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The remarkable Russian artist Ruslana presents a thought-provoking and energetically charged ringtone masterpiece with her Wild Dances song.

Uplifting and eclectic, this fusion of world music, Ukrainian pop and ethno-rock creates a captivating aural sensation. Filled with an intense and rarely encountered power, Wild Dances resonates with a stirring and glorious vocal performance which commands the attention of the listener with its emotion-laden strength.

The understated programmatic melodies of this intriguing ringtone conflate together in a rhapsody of sound. The impulsively rhythmical soundscape of Wild Dances produces a multilayered musical accompaniment of percussion, keyboards and rock-guitar which serves to accentuate the fragile beauty of the vocal line. Unique and captivating sounds emerge from a harmony of digital samples and instrumental sounds bringing forth an unparalleled creative exploration of the depths of Ruslana's musical expression.

Undeniably these powerful and coveted elements combine to make Ruslana's Wild Dances song a remarkable and unparalleled ringtone. Its rarely encountered force and entrancing sonic exploration creates an auditory experience at once captivating and evocative sure to easy even the most discerning of ringtone connoisseur.

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