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Jesus Christ Superstar - Overture

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Jesus Christ Superstar – Overture is an instantly recognizable and infectious melody composed by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, sure to transport the listener to a new state of elation. Gently introducing chords of children of God, in which the audience can bask in the euphoria that is the Overture.

Vibrant crescendos and luscious eighth notes capture the soul and envelope it with a peacefulness, the very spirit of the Lord depicted in chorus, something not often found today. Vocally and instrumentally, the Overture sparkles. Maracas, pizzicato strings, and crashing cymbals help in creating a magnificent piece of artistry that is sure to absorb one's every being.

Expect to be seized with an overwhelming feeling of joy and contentment with each and every listen. Jesus Christ Superstar – Overture is a timeless and uplifting reminder of the marvelous God we are all blessed to serve.

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