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Sakamoto - Forbidden Colours

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This delightful ringtone composed by Sakamoto is an aural delight. Consisting of a sublime selection of aqueous chords, the song transports the listener to a faraway land adorned with vibrancy and verve. With a full consumption of crescendos and attenuated rhythms, this production of Forbidden Colours is sure to tantalise the senses, imbuing the occasion with as much of a zest and fortitude of life.

The melody on display here is a masterclass in contemporary composition, bolstered with a unique synthesis and soporific quality. Oozing with the suave and sophistication of the loungemaster himself, the music is a superb amalgamation of beats and nuances, interjected with the melodiousness of monophonic strings, beckoning one to partake in the luxurious harmony.

To round off the magnificent opus, Sakamoto reinforces the spectacular experience with an exhibiting of diatonic explorations and syncopation. In doing so, Sakamoto triggers the lightheartedness of us all and complies an assemblage of lyrics that eternally circumvent in the crevices of our minds - truly a divinely elegant exercise in sonic intricacies.

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