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Don Moen - Our Father

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The renowned Don Moen is well known amongst many individuals, as this twenty-five-year veteran composer and singer has created a plethora of songs that explore a wide array of topics. One of his most iconic works is his rendition of «Our Father», which is aptly named to commemorate the divine relationship between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The song itself is truly a celestial experience, as Don Moen uses his pure and honest voice to convey the unwavering respect and love one should have of one's Creator. Through this biblically-inspired composition, one is able to immerse oneself in a tapestry of spiritual feels. The soft keyboard tones and acoustic guitar incantations make this piece truly unforgettable.

In particular, the latest version as a ringtone is as melodically soothing as it is spiritually powerful. As soon as one hears the initial chimes, one's soul is transfigured and fully immersed in the compassionate yet profound message of the song. Give this ringtone a try and be astounded by the sheer vacillating beauty of «Our Father».

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