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Morris Day and The Time - Jungle Love

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Morris Day and The Time's Jungle Love is a unique earworm of a ringtone sure to delight listeners of all ages. The bright, vivid melodies and interlaced percussive beats coalesce to create a jollity of sound punctuated with the opening wails of a saxophone. Subtly modulated by a sizzling synth keyboard and accompanied by funk rhythm guitar, Jungle Love captures the listener's attention, sure to either create a pang of nostalgia or a newfound appreciation for Day and his kindred musicians.

The exuberance of the chorus contrasts with the swooning dream-like quality of the verses. The lushness of the chorus almost relentlessly battles the verses as the musical components ebb and flow, as if first pulled from the depths of a tranquil pool, only to be raised and thrashed back out again in a cacophony of flowing melody. Morris Day's lyrics dance with the music, sprinkling an impish charisma over the track as he invites us to let go and surrender to the irrepressible pull of the song.

The music carries the listener to the land of 'Boogie Wonderland', sure to raise a smile and stimulate the toes of even the least jiving of dancers. With each reverberating horn section and percussive fill, Jungle Love lays the foundations for a healthy night of fun and dancing. Incapable of being suppressed, Jungle Love's contagiousness will quickly spread through the group, rousingly inspiring all that come into contact with its magic.

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