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Blue Oyster Cult - Godzilla

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This classic, hard-hitting rock song from the seventies classic Blue Oyster Cult is a perfect representation of their synthesis of visceral sounds and powerful lyrics. In the chorus, they sing, «oh no, there goes Tokyo, go go Godzilla», creating a powerful image in the listener's mind. The song is a perfect embodiment of the «shock rock» sound known as stadium rock that became popular in the seventies and is still iconic today. Its infectious riffs, thunderous chord progressions, and intense guitar solos provide a formidable auditory experience. Moreover, possessing it as your ringtone will make every encounter with it a surefire ovation.

In this hard-bitten rock song, the hard-working members of Blue Oyster Cult give vivid account of the destructive power of Godzilla. They examine him from the perspective of both a scared population, «godzilla was an ancient monster, turned loose by man», and the perspective of the monster himself, «godzilla danced a roustabout, over Tokyo town». As a result, the listeners can get a sense of the emotional turmoil and duality of the situation.

This ringtone just might usher in a new age in you cellphone experience. So make sure to download «Godzilla» by Blue Oyster Cult and prepare for a whirlwind of aural enchantment with every incoming call. It is certain to bring the perfect blend of aural satisfaction and lyrical content that Blue Oyster Cult is known for – a sonic equivalent of a perfect subtropical beach sunset.

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