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Jordan Feliz - The River

Ringtone Jordan Feliz - The River for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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The organic-sound of Jordan Feliz's «The River» has long been respected and treasured amongst those with a keen ear for musical craftsmanship. This idiosyncratic ringtone is the perfect blend of an innovative sonic palette and signature musical structures. It consists of an ebullient arrangement of acoustic guitars, lively drums and a lyrical lagniappe of soundscape effects.

The efflorescent core of the composition serves to transcend traditional discretions, creating an entirely new experiential canvas. Jordan Feliz expertly polishes each note, transitioning different elements of the song in a cohesive manner; giving life to an idyllic audience experience.

In conclusion, the groovy, audiovisual experience of this ringtone creates an unforgettable memory. This piece of modern art is what aural pleasure is all about-- harnessing the positive vibration of the audible spectrum for personal pleasure. With that being said, enjoy Jordan Feliz's «The River» today and live a more harmonious life.

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