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Foals - My Number

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The aural delight of Foals' «My Number» ringtone is undeniable. Its polyrhythmic, polyphonic intricacies delight us with their sesquitonal qualities. Its multifaceted tonal qualities tremulously cohere to form an almost ontological experience for the listener, creating something fundamentally unique and dulcet.

«My Number» contains the sonic proclivities of foals alacrity and verve; their ability to channel their own variety of musical synaesthesia. By imbuing the everyday commonplace of a dull, mundane ringtone with a mesmeric, luxuriant timbre, the band have created something remarkable.

The result? A spellbinding, engrossing reverberated cacophony of apogean melodies and rhapsodic refrains. These transsegmental arpeggiations first foment and eventually coalesce, creating a ringtone that blurs the boundaries of the auditory and the terrestrial.

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