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Meat Loaf - Bat Out of Hell

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For anyone who's experienced the electrifying tone of Meat Loaf's song 'Bat Out of Hell', the experience is one that burns into the subscriber's recollection. The doomful resound of the record amplifies the intensity of the music, as the song reverberates with passionate ardor. Brawny guitars, insistent percussion, bellowing vocals and splenetic riffs are all self-assertive of the adiaphorous pulsation emanating from the ringtone.

The elegiac crescendo of agitated guitar coupled with a peremptory vocal results in a perfect example of a 'hard rock' anthem. With its cortege of anthemic refrains, impulsive rhythm, swelling synth and monolithic guitar, the fiery mantra projects a resplendent charisma. The flaming analogies and lyrical quivive evoke a sense of impermanence and cacophony, painting a vivid imagery through the song.

Meat Loaf's 'Bat Out of Hell' is an ineluctable classic, perfect for any ardent fan of classic rock. The intense refrain of the song continues to reverberate in the annals of rock music and the passionate ringing of the song on one's phone is proof of its marmoreal beat. An indiction of gallantry, this ringtone is a sanguine reminder of the magniloquence of rock music.

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