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Jody Scarbury - Believe it or not

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Jody Scarbury's «Believe It or Not» has a captivating and idiosyncratic tune that is sure to provoke some interest. The enchanting chimes are a blend of both the familiar and the rare, creating a veritable cocktail of aural delight. Its tempos are mellifluous and transcendent, and its whimsicality not unespied; altogether transporting the listener to a world of titillating vibrancy.

The subdued clarion intones smolder with a haughtiness that can only be accomplished by sophisticated musicianship. Each measure builds to a cacoethes of awe, before eddying and receding with aplomb. The cacophonous sounds are ever-so-subtle, yet filled with an aptness that speaks to an indubitable genius behind its creation.

The hallmark of «Believe It or Not» is its alluring interplay between lightness and colorfulness. It is an avant-garde rhapsody that is sure to evoke the most scintillating emotions in all who behold it; one which is likely to become a staple among ringtones of aficionados.

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