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Faith No More - Evidence

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The charming electronic beeping of the raucous ringtone known as 'Evidence' by 'Faith No More' is an uplifting and undulating tune, guaranteed to awaken even the most somnolent listener. Its euphony is achieved through a tumid interplay of percussive artistry and buoyant modulation, the glissando of notes cascading over each other in a compliant manner; so it comes as no surprise that it has become such a popular auditory landscape.

The track contains a haptical rhythm of electricity, trabalar and pizzicato interludes giving unique cohesiveness and a moribund atmosphere. Its syntaxic tonality and frenetic beat create a stirring refulgency, vivifying the environment with a feeling of effervescence. Summoning a cacophonous ebullience that cannot help but elicit delight, 'Evidence' is a composition that does not seise to tantalise, no matter how oft it is experienced.

Some may argue that 'Evidence' is too invigorating a ringtone and opt for something softer, however those with an even dash of elan must simply succumb to its timeless allure; 'Evidence' by Faith No More is the quintessential ringtone for hipsters and trendsetters alike.

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