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Lil Donald - Do Better

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This scintillating ringtone by a genius rapper known as Lil Donald is destined to become an anthem for the modern-age. It chronicles an intense story of perseverance, passion and ambition.

Composed with a regal beat, the production gives due respect to the Hip Hop culture and its renowned artists. A clever fusion of trap, rap and electronic music, the single contains Lil Donald's signature slick flow and captivating lyrics, creating a classic party-starter. His versatile delivery is not just impressive but boosts the potent vibes of the single even higher.

There's a reason why Lil Donald has become a stalwart of underground rap. His inspirational lyrics and masterful production invoke the listener with motivation to strive and «do better» in an increasingly competitive world. «Do Better» is a song that will certainly captivate the hearts of many, making it a must-have for any fan of Hip Hop.

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