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Lauren Wood - Fallen

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The enigmatic Lauren Wood has woven an aural tapestry that the listener cannot help be beguiled by - the wistful, whimsical, yet instinctively resolute awakening of one's soul within the confines of their respective surroundings, as extemporized within the lyrical and rhythmic subtleties of her latest single, the alluring »Fallen«.

It is within this constrained aural landscape that Wood's pathos permeates the listener's mind, drawing them into this world of captivating melodic and harmonic nuances. Through the use of meandering, plaintive instrumentation and her saccharinely sweet, yet subtly determined vocalization, Wood successfully creates a contemplative atmosphere that is laden with multifaceted emotion and contemplation.

Aurally, the sprawling »Fallen« is an intoxicating blend of barely perceptible textures, nuanced frequencies, and delicate sonic hues; the perfect blend of sound and story to capture the essence of Wood's deeply personal emotive expression. There is an ineffable beauty in the meticulously rendered soundscape that is imparted by Wood's delicate artistry - a stunning, ethereal and at times melancholic journey that each and every listener can embark upon with this resplendently celestial ringtone.

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