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The Skids - Into The Valley (v2)

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The first time one experiences The Skids' Into The Valley (v2), it is almost instantaneous that a metaphysical transformation is occurring. Retrospectively, it is easy to see why the song has endured for four decades to become a classic. Its perfect blend of euphony and inimitability offer an experience unlike any other.

The superb quality of the song is undeniable, with its glorious guitar fantabulation and melodious vocalizations. Its simplistic yet surprising lyricism provides a compelling narrative that demonstrates the inherent humbleness of life and its ultimate message of love and hope. All of this, coupled with its profound rhythm and pulsating beat, coalesce to create its infectiously mesmerizing cadence.

When hearing The Skids' Into The Valley (v2) for the first time, one is struck with a sense of nostalgia for days gone by and captivated by its timelessness. It is a positive force of energy that, when added to one's life, will always be a reminder to look on the bright side, no matter the circumstances one is faced with.

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