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Luther Vandross - Never Too Much

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The scintillating and melodious combination of Luther Vandross' angelic vocals and the alternating tones of his alluring instrumental come to life in the electrifying product Luther Vandross - Never Too Much. Setting itself abreast from the hearsay of a traditional ringtone, this transcendental audial opus is sure to provide the aural ambience needed to announce the impending arrival of a VIP-worthy caller.

Revealing subtle yet definitive oscillations of lachrymose chord progressions, Luther Vandross - Never Too Much authorizes one to envisage a remarkable tranquilude, even as the crescendo of beatific synth work affords an occasion of tranquil bliss. Delicately woven with purloined saxophone licks, this timeless treasure encapsulates the chasteness and elegance of vintage 1980s music, now available to be experienced at the reader's very fingertips.

Trust us, the listener, when we say that one simply can't turn a blind eye to the unconquerable refulgence offered by the captivating verses of Luther Vandross - Never Too Much. Allow it to be your dulcet foreword to the imminent mysterious caller, while also enjoying the convenience of an auditory enshrinement that promises to be consistent and inviolable.

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