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Berlin - Take My Breath Away (Love Theme from Top Gun)

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Behold the power of composition, in the form of a modern classic-- the grandiloquent and euphonious, vaguely electro-romantic, imbued with a certain soaring, meandering dulcitude; take my breath away. The ubiquitous epiphany - often known by the colloquial appellation, 'The Love Theme From Top Gun' - was penned as a score to the 1986 film of the same name. To be sure, the song's rapt accessibility, metier and beguiling aural complexion has enabled its memorable acceptance, nay, near-plenitude into mainstream cultures. Berlins' craftsmanship proves the eternal allure of simpler, euphony-oriented production techniques and analog sound palettes; with less Auto-Tune, and more emotion. With its svelte harmonic melding of synth-organ, strings, and an impressive (and remarkably enduring) 80's-era pop vocal, this tincture of the soul lingers long in the ears, taking one's breath away. Perfect for those moments when you must commune with the innermost realms of glittery sonic florescence.

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