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Seether - Broken (feat. Amy Lee)

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This sombre acoustic-rock ballad, Seether - Broken (feat. Amy Lee), is a unique and mesmerising expression of harrowing emotions and aching lyrics. It serves as a haunting musical exploration of an afflicting and unspeakable melancholy, capturing all its inglorious, ruinous provocation in a single-chorus: «now that I'm broken what do I do?»

This ethereal medley of brooding guitars, winding pianos, and melancholy strings stands as a heartfelt testament to the tumultuous throes of love's frenzied battlefield. Although the pace of its melancholic melody may at times drag, the morose solemnity remains for the entire duration of this auditory reverie - that is until Amy Lee's arresting vocal lines enter. Her timbre transcends its listener to moments of sheer euphoria and achingly vivid flashbacks while still remaining completely engulfed in this devastatingly beautiful song.

Seether - Broken (feat. Amy Lee) serves as an endless spiral of chaos and cacophony blended into the helpless musings of the broken heart. It is an introspective reflection of an emotional wreckage that may leave one mesmerised, desolately languid and utterly broken. Those who find their solace in its somber anthemic emotion should select Seether - Broken (feat. Amy Lee) as their go to ringtone.

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