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Don Williams - Some Broken Hearts Never Mend (Live)

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This beloved Don Williams classic sympathetically opines the harsh reality that sadly, some broken hearts never truly mend. The live version of this anthemic song paints a vivid image of heartache endured with a melancholic lilt, yet a resignedly joyful acceptance of the fact that some romantic wounds never heal. It is an often-ignored truism of life, to listen to which one will require an aural balm both elegant and evocative.

The sweet and sorrowful strains of this venerable melody will provide auditory succor for the forlorn, a somber harmony to soothe and mend the wounds of the despondent. Set to a leisurely paced pedal steel guitar and endowed with a splendidly sepulchral fretwork, the mournful tone of Don Williams will thwart the balefulness of love gone awry. Yet, the soulful lyrics and wistful refrain will evoke a bittersweet hope in every tender soul.

For aficionados of heartache, or simply those in need of empathic company, Don Williams' «Some Broken Hearts Never Mend (Live)» is an optimal ode to the impermanency of love: a reminder of the losses we may suffer, but also a reassurance that the hurt will heal in time. In short, it is the ineffable ringtone custom-made for those whose hearts can never be mended.

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