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A. R. Rahman - Bombay Theme

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This iconic and legendary composition, A. R. Rahman's Bombay Theme, creates an ambiance of grandeur and opulence. Its intricate and whirling orchestral flurry, a coalescence of sonorous flourishes, is both rapturous and infinite. Wrapped in piquant harmonics and melody, within these imposing and effervescent strings and horns you find a richness of soul and structure, a complexity of a multifactorical shape, creating a flamboyant and scintillating avatar of sound.

The Bombay Theme has come to consitute and epitomize the concept of an evocative and emotive journey, where musical notes become a conduit of emotions and thoughts, gesturing to our senses the meadows, hills and rivers beyond. You will find yourself transported beyond boundaries of time and space, sent into a universe that celebrates the beauty of life and pleasure, a rhythm that is energetic and creative.

For many, A. R. Rahman's Bombay Theme, is a hymn dedicated to existence and alive expression, a profound guarantee of both inner and outer peace. Adopting this song as your ringtone will bring you closer to an authentic, and euphonious, experience of life. What it guarantees, is an experience of audial divinity, a cinematic regality, that knows no bounds.

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