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Axwell Ingrosso - Something New

Ringtone Axwell Ingrosso - Something New for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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Axwell Ingrosso's 'Something New' is a vitalizing ringtone for connoisseurs of post-modern EDM. The ensuing track is an evocative mash-up of high-energy synths and hypnotic reverberations for the dub-savvy listener. It captures a tapestry of fervent beats and unique soundscapes that effortlessly blurs together an euphony of earworm melodies, as well as somnolent piano chords and classic vocals.

One is bound to be mesmerized by the ringtone's miscellany of infectious bass patterns and cavalcade of electronic flourishes that coalesce throughout the production. The vibrant soundscape is sure to rouse any atmosphere giving life to any given party or atmosphere. Its cadence transcends into a florid repertoire of captivating sounds like the opulent commercial drops and shimmering synthesizers.

This lush intermix of electronic sonic texturizes and vocal effects by Axwell Ingrosso works as a granular and protean sonic adventure. With all its uniqueness, power, and extreme expression, this ringtone is more than capable to leave a long-lasting impression, which is why it is adroit for the modern-day smartphone.

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