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Sammy Kershaw - Queen Of My Double Wide Trailer

Ringtone Sammy Kershaw - Queen Of My Double Wide Trailer for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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Sammy Kershaw's classic «Queen of My Double Wide Trailer» is a timeless country anthem that will have you pining for the summer of 1994, whereupon its release, it quickly rose to the top of the Billboard Country Charts. Merging euphony from Snuffy E. Smith's classic blended with the dulcet perfidy tones of Sammy's voice, this tune has been tucked away in many a wireless device since its release.

The stanza travels through the elements of classic country music, vivacity narrates the plight of young love in the hot summer days of down home Georgia. The brilliance of this unguent composition allows the simplicity of classic, small town life to be expostulated and celebrated, while guiding us through the darker moments of life's misfortunes.

Any circumscribed playlist would be bereft without this accomplished jangle in the rotation. From its iconic hook, to Sammy's spinning, Southern-style twang, this iridescent ringtone will undoubtedly leave you with a hankering for a warm summer-time drive and the melodic ambience of the euphony from back in the day.

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