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Celia Cruz - La Vida Es Un Carnaval

Ringtone Celia Cruz - La Vida Es Un Carnaval for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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The ringtone «Celia Cruz - La Vida Es Un Carnaval» is defined by its zesty, vivacious and imperturbable energetic nature. It is a flamboyant melody that astounds the listener with its vivacious, bawdy and scintillating sounds that are sure to buoy your spirits. The mesmeric, temerarious nature of the song renders it invigorating and bracing; coupled that with its captivating brass tones and sedulous snare beats, this latin track will make you want to lighten up and revel in its effulgent intensity. Perfect for picking up the pace and channeling your inner Havana carnival spirit, this is certainly a choice to enliven any mood.

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