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The melodious tones of Taiwanese pop singer Teresa Teng reverberate throughout one's abode with her sentimental ringtone. A curious fusion of traditional Chinese music and the sounds of Korea, the composition of the song is a vivid reminder of her roots. Resting atop of a modern twist of instrumental accompaniment, her iconic, syrupy vocals blend together with a dulcet combination of strings and percussion instruments.

Its musicality captivates one's attention, while its lyrical contents convey a heartwarming story of missed love with an intrinsic sentiment of endearment akin to that of folklore. From the lively vocals to the buoyant beat, one is beguiled by the quaintness of the ringtone and its repetitive chorus.

It is clear that Ms. Teng's song is no lesser than the personification of serenity and perfection. An adorable melody of soothing sounds that incites nostalgia and the comforting realization that a loved one will always be fondly remembered; Teresa Teng's ringtone is a bewitchingly beautiful piece of work.

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