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Ella Mai - Close

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This excruciatingly poignant and bewitching ringtone is appropriate for anyone who has ever experienced the weight of unrequited love or the aching atmosphere of heartache. With Ella Mai's lushly sombre and dramatically intense vocals,

the listener is transported to a captivating place of shimmering nostalgia, wistful reminiscence and delicate emotion. Thinly spirited strings and haunting synths vividly depict the visceral sensation of distances widening and recollections slowly fading away.

This elegiac ringtone will consistently remain with the listener long after its melancholic composition has finished, inspiring a sensation of both sentimental soulfulness and liberatory reflection. As a melodious reminder of both closure and of unsaid words intervening in a meaningful goodbye, this entrancingly passionate piece of art is ideal for anyone wishing to take themselves on a journey to unlived memories and untouched possibilities.

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