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The Waterboys - The Whole of the Moon

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The glorious watersong of the Scottish band Waterboys and their 1985 classic «The Whole of the Moon» can adorn the humdrum accompaniment of your humble mobile phone ringtone. This transcendent melody resembles a phoenix arising from the ashes as it melds jangly Celtic guitar, pulsing percussion and entrancing keyboard, creating a euphonious tapestry of music.

The peerless vocal of Mike Scott glides along with vim and vigour, skilfully oscillating between registers as he invites us to seize the day, «I danced and sang, and thought I was king, of the wooooole of the mooooon!». This robust harmonisation conveys a sense of emotional triumph, a victory of the human spirit, leading the listener into a rapturous state.

If this classic engenders a blissful sentimentality in you, or simple induces an indomitable urge to dance like no one is watching, then this unique melange of music is the perfect retort to your humdrum alarm chime. So, revel in the unconquerable verve of this band's sublime composition, and let The Whole of the Moon be the paean to your morning!

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