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Wolfmother - Joker and the Thief

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Wolfmother's 2003 hit song «Joker and the Thief» is an unadulterated plunge into bracing hard rock. It's a contagiously frenetic chorus of guitar riffing, heavy bass lines, and vigorous drumming, the soundtrack of ancient magicians baying for the moon. As a ringtone, this swerving piece of music heralds a lawless cowpoke entering a saloon, a harbinger of toil and trouble. It's a faithful reminder that, in the wild west, no one is immune to pinch and felonious mischief.

The three-minute song itself is a swindler's symphony, the likes of which would be the envy of any miscreant. There's the rattletrap rhythm guitar and the howling and yowling of the harmonica, clashing in a narcotic symphony and joined by a headbanging wall of grungy acoustics. It's a nocturnal spectacle of unbridled creativity that reeks of rakishness and gaslighted grandeur.

What better way to advertise imminent attritional caution than with a track as smoldering as this? It's a bewitching soundscape, a spellbinding ritual of rock and roll that never gets old. There's no better heraldic yell for impending wrongdoing than with the thrilling strains of «Joker and the Thief»!

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