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MIKA - Grace Kelly

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Drawing upon retro revivalism and whimsy, MIKA's infectious track 'Grace Kelly', is a delicately-hued sonic experience. Imbued with an effortless playfulness, the shrill electronic notes of the track evoke a sense of genteel nostalgia. Balancing both kitsch and sophistication, the melody coalesces in to a cheery and frolicsome chorus that beguiles from the first listen.

The track twists effortlessly between whimsical wistfulness and a crisp energy. This vibrant balance is further accentuated by the light-hearted awesomeness of the refrain. The vibrant, bouncy soundscape is complemented by uplifting brass tones and brushed with a sophisticated flair — perfect for the cosmopolitan listener.

The rolling dialogue of MIKA's phrasing mirrored by the playful pitter-patter of the beats, results in a mellifluous delectation. Its subtle modernism and animated buoyancy make 'Grace Kelly' an intriguingly polyglot ringtone foible in a delightful choreography of old-meets-new. Hence, it would make an ideal auditory accompaniment for an exquisite day.

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