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The Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin

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The textured rarity of The Moody Blues' «Nights In White Satin» provides an auditory experience filled with nostalgia, yet with a modern twist. Released as a non-album single in 1967, this spellbinding reimagining of a 1962 song by the group's co-founders brings about a kaleidoscopic view of life, with Martin Quittenton-Ray Thomas' waxen laments drawing the listener in with the melancholic sympathithy. The candidly verbose rhythm is one of luminescent distinction, with Justin Hayward's tranquil electric guitar piques and Mike Pinder's moody strings and phrases adorning the track with an ineffable tangibility.

This enthralling piece is best embodied in its suitably-chosen ringtone form. Soft, yet strong, its plaintive yet upbeat timbre begins with a low hum, setting forth a compelling the journey into a dreamy realm, like flitting through a memory, until it reaches a confounding crescendo. Far more than just a passive entity, the «Nights In White Satin» carries with it kaleidoscopic tones and symbolism, connotative of a time when aural constraints were blissfully dismantled.

There is perhaps no better herald for when your cellphone rings than The Moody Blues' «Nights In White Satin». Invigorating yet mellow, captivating and deep, surreal and nostalgic - it is an experience that calls to awaken your senses, and intimately linger, with the softly insistent tap of the key signature. As a ringtone, «Nights In White Satin» does not merely suffice, but speaks, tantalizes, and exonerates - allowing for the aural pleasure of life uncommonly reimagined.

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