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Ray Charles - America the Beautiful

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The Ray Charles rendition of America the Beautiful is a stirringly emotive tapestry of unparalleled emotion. From the desultories of its ebullient opening strings to the crescendoes of its sonorous chords, Ray Charles immerses the listener in a melodious vortex of optimistic fervor. Motioning to a beloved American anthem with a lush composition, one cannot help but be invigorated by this effervescent soundscape of tranquility and stoic patriotism alike.

Accompanied by an intrinsic choir of harmonies, the corybantic crescendoes of this somniferous anthemic arrangement tug at the fabric of democracy, stimulating an earnest affinity for the written words that express the wide-eyed dreams of a fledgling nation. Rays own edulcorative vocal vibrations truly bring the eloquent verses to life. Combined with soul-stirring trumpets, a soothing saxophone and a tropical piano, all of which paint a lushly evocative, titular tapestry, it is no wonder why this track stands the test of time.

A resplendent vocal display coupled with a truly bewitching philharmonic, Ray Charles America the Beautiful rings in our collective hearts as an inspiring reminder of the solemn truths that, no matter the trials, our nation will always remain beautiful. Set your phone to this alluring soundscape, so you too can bask in the laudable spirit of resilience, optimism and unity that is intrinsic to being an American.

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