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Tal Bachman - Shes So High

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Tal Bachman's «She's So High» may be one of the most melodically exuberant ringtones available today. This energetically effervescent composition invites listeners to enter a sonic landscape of captivating, hedonistic reverie. Deriving its vibrant energy from an imaginative fusion of arena rock, classic and alternative pop, the song is uplifting, with its layered and multifaceted instrumentation and unabashedly earnest vocal.

The animated, melismatic lead vocals sing about longing for a special someone and the chaotic frenzy of yearning that ensues. Each verse introduces a new harmony that entices the listener to bop along to its crescendo of gleeful procrastination. The buoyant chorus easily sticks in one's head and serves as a buoyant sing-along reminder of why we're listening to this ringtone in the first place.

Though it is infectious and spirited, this gem of a pop core isn't all just fleeting fun and fluff. The song speaks to the universality of love, with lyrics that are earnestly reverent and nostalgically affable. It's playful soliloquy of triumph used to cleverly illustrate the feelings of euphoria when one finds someone they truly connect with. No wonder it's one of the most popular ringtones around - with Tal Bachman's «She's So High», listeners can now enjoy a taste of that feeling anywhere, anytime.

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