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Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant (v2)

Ringtone Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant (v2) for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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This cheery tune is not for the faint of heart! Sex Pistols' «Pretty Vacant (v2)» is a frantic, punk-inspired masterpiece, crafted with an uncanny verve and energy. Laden with knotty guitars, gruff vocals and pounding percussion, this spirited earworm explodes in a discordant cacophony of brash defiance and rigid disregard. A sonic scatterbomb of dissent, this raucous cut, with its snarling mix of punk-rock sensibilities and deliriously youthful abandon, paints a dizzying picture of rebellion and risque repose. If ever there was a ringtone to spark a revolution, this is surely it!

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