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The Hu - Wolf Totem

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This melodious ringtone is a gift to the sonic spheres that enshroud us. The Hu's composition of «Wolf Totem» is a lush blend of cyber-based beats and traditional Mongolian throat singing. It aspires to merge the divides between East and West, exhibiting how salient aural aesthetics may span culture, country and creed.

The unique sounds of «Wolf Totem» are certifiably vibrant and flocculent. Purveyors of music will feel the pulsating harmonies that reverberate with the sparks of inspiration. Upon hearing this chimerical ringtone, they will be immediately beguiled in a rapture of rapturous joy.

The Hu's «Wolf Totem» offers a palliative ring experience. Set to this celestial melody, worry and insobriety will dissipate as we are transported to a land of bucolic magnificence. Here, we exist as passengers on the dream cruise that never ends, as the song of the «Wolf Totem" continues to swirl and soothe our ebullient senses.

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