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Brandy - Missing You

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«Budding mobile phone users and ringtone aficionados alike, feast your senses on the aural delight known as Brandy's classic 'Missing You'. A sonic treat filled with luminescent synths, passionate choruses, and pristinely punchy drumbeats, this singular composition is sure to invigorate any environment and provide a mood of whimsy.

The song's luxuriant lyrics, paired with Brandy's classic honey-sweet vocals, create a sensation of nostalgia, inviting the listener to sun-dappled memories of summers past. But not only does 'Missing You' provide an ambient foundation for the current moment, it offers something more; a burgeoning anticipation, a burgeoning expectancy; this song feels like a promise and will do more than simply warm the soul, it churns the heart with profound feelings of joy.

Set your ringtone to the heavenly strains of 'Missing You', a selection befitting the most discerning of palates. Let the gentle zephyr of aural pleasure sweep away your troubles and smother you with memories and promises of days yet to come.»

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